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Ben Debayle By Ben Debayle • April 24, 2015

Make Sure You Have Email Street-Smarts

Email. It is the medium employers live by. When you are emailing with them, it significantly helps your chances if you’re a pro. Here are a few hacks to make you look like a GENIUS!

1.Retire the email you thought was cool in middle-school. It’s time to get rid of that Princess306@aol.com email. We recommend creating a simple Gmail account that uses a variation of your name like Suzie.Q.Lynam@gmail.com, as an example.

2. Create an email signature. This can be done really easily in email providers like Gmail. Simply go to settings to create it. Here is our recommended format:

Suzie Q Lynam

Wichita University | Sociology Major | May 2015 Graduate

Suzie.Q.Lynam@gmail.com | C: 555–555–5555

3. Create a link to your virtual résumé. You can use a service like Droplr or Dropbox to upload a PDF version of your résumé. Creating this nice PDF version and linking to it (like this: http://willreedjobs.d.pr/1avQP) ensures that your email will not get stuck in spam filters that try to catch emails with attachments. It is also better to add the link to some short text so you don’t have a long, ugly link. Example: My Résumé.

4. When you get introduced to an employer via email, make sure you respond in the correct way. So you just received an introduction to an employer you’ve wanted to meet with from your parent’s friend, Sydney. The email looks something like this:

Here is what you should write back:

The reason you move Sydney to BCC is so that she can see you wrote back to who she introduced you to and you keep Sydney from getting 10 more scheduling emails.

5. Proof-read. Proof-read. Proof-read. If you are sending an important email, write it in a Word Doc first. Re-read it. Have your friends read it. You want to double check for tone, grammar, spelling, etc.

Get ready for employers to think you are 5 steps in front of the rest of the pack!


Written by Paige. She is on the Will Reed team helping deliver rewarding jobs & internships to elite candidates.