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Ben Debayle By Ben Debayle • July 14, 2015

Sales How-To: Snag Prospect Emails Straight From LinkedIn

There's nothing worse than tracking down the LinkedIn profile of the right decision-maker in a company you're targeting only to get stumped on what the prospect's email address could be.

You get where I'm headed with this...

Well, now "there's an app for that."

If you use Google Chrome as your browser (which you should), you can install helpful extensions and widgets. Our favorite new extension is called Email Hunter and it rocks.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 1.26.32 PM


Register and install it and then go to LinkedIn to watch the magic happen. You'll notice that a red "email" button now appears on contacts' profile pages.

Email Hunter Button


This essentially searches for all emails related to the contact's work domain address and applies the most common email convention found in the emails it digs up that also use that domain. Depending on the company's domain and other factors, the tool will be more confident with some emails than others. That's to be expected with any free tool, but this could still prove to be extremely helpful and save loads of time. Overall, we give it a B+.

Happy email hunting :)

Comment and let us know what you think of Email Hunter after you try it. Any other tools we should review?