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Megan Mulcahy By Megan Mulcahy • October 31, 2018

From Sports to Sales, Will Reed Welcomes Tony Sargent as Client Director

After spending the bulk of his career in the sports industry, Tony Sargent will be diving headfirst into the world of tech sales recruiting as Will Reed’s Austin Client Director.

Tony Sargent | Will Reed | Austin Client Director

As Client Director, Tony will lead a team of talent recruiters, expand Will Reed’s client footprint in Austin and oversee the Will Reed office alongside Hannah Yeargan, Senior Client Director Dallas.

“I am very excited to join a company that sees clients and candidates as people,” said Sargent. “I also love the challenge and opportunity to take us from a startup to household name.”

Though Tony is being instantly woven into the threads of the business, technology sales recruiting is a hard left turn from Tony’s career in the sports industry. While pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Utah, Tony speed skated on a U.S. Olympic Training Athletic Scholarship. Following his graduation in 2010, Tony competed full-time, which included competing in the U.S. Olympic Trials and completing the 2012-13 season with a top 10 ranking in the American Cup Standings. In 2014, Tony retired his speed skating career to pursue his MBA at Kansas State University where he also worked in Donor Relations. His MBA from Kansas State provided him the opportunity with Conference USA where he served as the primary Liaison and to the Commissioner and oversaw Men’s Golf and Football Operations for the conference..

“Tony’s reputation as a hard worker precedes him,” said Paige Robinson, CEO and Founder of Will Reed. “He has the ability to build, lead and inspire teams, which was made evident by his successful career in the sports industry. I am thrilled to see a visionary and operational leader join our company.”

Founded in 2015 by Paige Robinson, Will Reed has quickly scaled from two to 17 employees, and Tony will be influential in growing the Austin team of talent recruiters and preserving the culture Robinson has built over the past three years.

Five Things To Know About Tony:

  1. Tony designed a mobile app in 2016 called ProTown™. He says it’s the most difficult thing he’s ever done!
  2. Tony has an unhealthy obsession with airplanes.
  3. Tony was a competitive speed skater for six years and competed in the 2010 Olympic Trials.
  4. Tony is married to Sara Sargent, a first grade teacher in Dallas who is “jealous of my new job.”
  5. Tony started his own LLC, Sargent Professional Services, to commission artwork. Selling his artwork paid his way through his freshman year of college. Now he only has time to draw one or two pieces of artwork a year, but still loves it!

Tony Sargent | Will Reed Client Director and Speed Skater

If you 'd like to introduce yourself to Tony, connect with him on LinkedIn or shoot him a note at tony@willreedjobs.com